Five Necessary Information for IGNOU BTS Project work

1. What is IGNOU BTS Project?

An IGNOU BTS Project work is a kind of tourism research writing work that is often based on original tourism research which was undertaken by a student in the role of a tourism researcher. This type of writing is referred to as a tourism research thesis. It is necessary for BTS Students to complete an IGNOU BTS Project. You may do research on a certain aspect of the tourism industry and then present the results, along with a comprehensive analysis and your own unique interpretation of the data and discoveries acquired. IGNOU BTS Project work may be completed as a straightforward project work, or it can be used as the foundation for a well-developed master’s thesis or even a PhD dissertation. Either way, it can be completed successfully.

IGNOU BTS Project work is worth four credits. This indicates that you will need to devote around 120 study hours to finishing your project work. The diploma/degree is contingent on the successful completion of your Project. To properly finish the diploma degree, you must get a minimum of 40% of the marks (Grade D). IGNOU would like to get your Project Work typed and bound. If you are unable to type it, ensure that your work is neatly and legibly hand-written on one side of the page alone. Annexure B contains the format for the front page. Your Project Work may range in length from 4000 to 5000 words. Keep both of these elements in mind while selecting the Project topic (estimated study hours and anticipated duration of work). The idea is that you should be able to express yourself completely within this word restriction. You may write your Project in either English or Hindi.

2. How to write IGNOU BTS Synopsis/Proposal & Project Report?

A synopsis is a kind of plan that has to be planned in order to accomplish the objectives of the project. Before construction can begin, the architects and designers must first prepare the project using the blueprints. A report’s summary is a thorough document that covers a number of the report’s elements, such as an explanation of the subject and its importance, the formulation of hypothesis, and a bibliography, if relevant.

All of the requirements for the project have to be included in the IGNOU BTS Synopsis. It is necessary to develop a process that is successful.

Keeping the following in mind as write your IGNOU BTS Synopsis/Proposal:

Let’s have a look at the various IGNOU BTS Synopsis specs that are available. The following terms and conditions apply to the offer:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Rationale
  • Objectives
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Delimitations
  • References (APA Format)

Keeping the following in mind as write your IGNOU BTS Project Report:

  • Your report should be divided into parts and sub-components. This offers your report a sense of cohesion and avoids disparate concepts from appearing in multiple locations.
  • A well-organized report is readily understood. Therefore, goals and objectives should be articulated clearly, even if they are repeated.
  • Writing an introduction is essential since it provides a specific point of entry into your report. Similarly, a conclusion allows you to conclude your report and tie up any loose ends.
  • Your report should not read like a collection of separate parts, but rather as a cohesive and logical whole. In other words, you should split your report into parts and sub-sections while ensuring that they do not seem to be separate pieces. They should be interrelated and comprise sections of your report.
  • At the end of each part and again in the conclusion, all of your arguments should be logically and elegantly put together. – At the same time, the links between portions should be kept explicitly. As far as possible, you should write in your native tongue using basic words and brief phrases. A report prepared in a language that is difficult to interpret often distracts the reader from the report’s substance.
  • Consider your language an effective tool for conveying your views. Your Project evaluation will be based on the quality of your methods and concepts.

3. Choosing the Guide/Supervisor for your IGNOU BTS Project work

The supervisor will:

  • familiarise you with local clubs and organisations that may be important to your career;
  • provide you with permission papers allowing you to conduct inquiries and investigations in various offices related to your job;
  • make the library at the study centre available to you for consultation reasons; and
  • He will, to the best of his ability, advise you on your topic, data location, and overall work strategy.

4. Submission Process of IGNOU BTS Project Report.

Make sure you have two copies ready, one of which should be sent to the following address:

The Director of the SR&E Division, Block 12, Indira Gandhi National Open University,Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, 110068

Be sure to have a copy of your Project Report with you at all times, since they will not be sending you a copy of it back. Be sure that you and your supervisor have officially signed the declaration that is included in Annexure C and that it is included in your Project Report.

5. Being Attentive Before Submitting your IGNOU BTS Project Report.

  • Keep a copy of the Proposal with you, since we will not be returning your copy.
  • Ensure your Proposal is backed by an approved letter from your supervisor.
  • Send your Proposal through Registered Mail exclusively, to ensure that it reaches us.
  • After you have given us the Proposal, do not modify the subject or even its phrasing. In other words, the subject of your Project Work should be identical to the subject of your Proposal.
  • On the first page, provide the name and code of the course from which you selected your Project, your enrollment number, the name of your Study Centre, and the Regional Centre. In other words, thoroughly complete the form provided in Annex A.
  • Do not await our permission before submitting the Project Proposal. The Supervisor’s approval is final. Now is the moment to start actively working on your Project.

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Report (PTS 1 & PTS 2) by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

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