What is IGNOU Project?

An IGNOU Project is an essential element for you if you are an IGNOU student, Submitting project is important in order to complete your course. But it is not mandatory for all the courses provided by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in India. This opportunity allows students to utilize their acquired knowledge in a particular domain of their academic discipline.

Some basic information about IGNOU Project you must know.

There are two parts in the IGNOU project that is Synopsis (Proposal) and Report.

First, we have to make a synopsis of the given topic and then we have to make a report.

A synopsis is a concise overview, typically consisting of 10-20 pages, that is necessary for a project and focuses on a certain topic. This is the initial phase of the project. The approval of the synopsis is necessary in order to proceed with the report. If the guide does not approve the synopsis, we will be unable to create the report. The synopsis is an obligatory component of project development.

A report, usually referred to as a thesis or dissertation, is a comprehensive document consisting of 80-120 pages that provides a full overview of the topic required for a project. This is the final stage of the IGNOU project.

Once we have finished our report, the following stage is to obtain the signature of the guide. After that, we need to compile the entire project, which contains a synopsis, approval letter, and report, and tie them together. Subsequently, we must proceed to the IGNOU Head office in Maidan Garhi to submit the IGNOU project.

Steps to Finish Your IGNOU Project Successfully

       Select the Appropriate Subject: Choose a subject that both piques your interest and is pertinent to the course. Make sure there is adequate room for research and that it can be completed in the allotted time.

       Conduct Extensive Research: To acquire information, consult a variety of sources, including books, journals, internet databases, and earlier work. Ensure that your research is current and well-organized.
Make an Organized Plan: Divide the project into manageable chunks and assign due dates to each. You may prevent last-minute hurries and stay on schedule with the aid of a thorough plan.

       Seek Advice from Your Supervisor: Consult your project supervisor on a regular basis. Their opinions and thoughts can be very helpful in improving your project.

       Draft and Edit: Make several revisions to your first, rough draft. Take note of the clarity, content, and structure. Make sure your project complies with IGNOU regulations.

       Edit and proofread: Give your work a thorough review to make sure there are no typos, grammatical problems, or inconsistent passages. For a final contribution to be refined, editing is essential.

       Become ready for the Viva: Prepare yourself to defend and present your work. Practice boldly and effectively describing your work.

How to submit IGNOU Project?

After finishing your IGNOU project, you can electronically submit the project using the IGNOU online portal. Submission requires adherence to particular dates and procedures.

       To begin, make sure that your project report is full and follows the IGNOU rules. Format, structure, and necessary parts like the title page, declaration, certificate, acknowledgment, and the main body of your project are all talked about here.

       Next, check to see when the due date for your IGNOU project is. This knowledge is very important if you want to turn in your project on time. To find out the exact times, visit the IGNOU website or call your local center.

       Get together all the papers you need. This generally has your project report, the approval of your synopsis, your study center cover letter, and any other forms that are needed. Make sure that everything is signed and marked the right way.

       Bind your project report the way IGNOU says to. Most of the time, a spiral or soft finish is best. Do your best to make your report look neat and expert.

       Take your printed project report and any other papers you need to your study space. Turn in your project in person, and make sure you get a ticket to prove it. Keep this paper safe because it shows that you sent it.

       IGNOU may also ask for an online application from time to time. Sign in to the IGNOU portal and share your project report and any other files that are needed. Make sure the upload went through, and then take a picture of it for your notes.

       It’s a good idea to check in with your study center or regional center after you turn in your work. Make sure that your idea has been received and is being worked on. One less thing to worry about at the last minute.


IGNOU projects are not inherently difficult, but they do require effort, planning, and good research skills. By following these tips and utilizing available resources, you can successfully complete your IGNOU project.

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IGNOU Bachelor Degree Project

Programme Code (Course code)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

                                                                           BCA Project (BCSP-064)

BA Tourism Studies (BTS)

BTS Project (PTS 4/5/6)

BA Tourism Studies (BATS)

BATS Project (BTSP-01/02)

Bachelor’s Degree Programme (B.A/B.COM/B.SC) OLD

AHE Project (AHE-1)

B.Sc. Honours Anthropology

BSCANH Project (BANE 154)

BA (Honours) Psychology

BAPCH Project (BPCE 144)

BA in Vocational Studies Tourism Management

BAVTM Project (BTMP 142)

BA Facility and Services Management

BAFSM Project (BFOP-001)

BA (Vocational Studies) Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

BAVMSME Project (BERGP 171)

Bachelor of Performing Arts – Hindustani Music (Honours)

BAPFHMH Project (BHMCP 109)

BA Journalism and Digital Media

BAJDM Project (BNMP-21/22)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Retailing)

BBA Project (BMPP-01)

Bachelor of Science OLD

BSC Project (AMT-01)

IGNOU Master’s Degree Project

Programme Code (Course code)

Master of Business Administration NEW

MBA NEW Project (MMPP-01)

Master of Business Administration

MBA Project (MS-100)

Master of Computer Applications NEW

MCA NEW Project (MCSP-232)

Master of Computer Applications

MCA Project (Mini MCSP-044/Main MCSP-060)

Master of Commerce

MCOM Project (MCOP 1)

Master of Arts (Psychology)

MAPC Project (MPCE 16/26/36)

Master of Arts (Education)

MAEDU Project (MESP-1)

Master of Library and Information Science

MLIS Project (MLIP 2)

Master of Tourism & Travel Management (MTTM)

MTTM Project (MTTM-16)

Master of Arts (Tourism Management)

MTM Project (MTM-16)

Master of Education

MED Project (MESP-68)

Master of Science (Food and Nutrition)

MSCDFSM Project (MFNP-12)

Master of Science (Food Safety and Quality Management)

MSCFSQM Project (MVPP-2 Main & 3/4 Mini)

Masters in Anthropology (MAAN)

MAAN Project (MANP-1 & MANI 1/3)

Master of Arts (Rural Development)

MARD Project (MRDP 1)

Master of Arts (Environmental and Occupational Health)

MAEOH Project (MEVP-001)

Master of Arts (Journalism and Electronic Media)

MAJEM Project (MNMP-001/MJMP-120)

Master of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)

MAJMC Project (MJML-22/MJMP-20)

Master of Arts (Journalism and Digital Media)

MAJDM Project (MNMP 12)

Master of Arts (Development Journalism)

MADJ Project (MDJP 4)

Master of Arts (Translation Studies)

MATS Project (MTT-022)

Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy)


Master of Arts (Economics)_OLD


Master of Arts (Economics)_NEW

MAEC NEW Project (MECP 101/102)

Master of Arts (Environmental Studies)

MAEVS Project (MEVP 12)

Master of Science (Information Security)

MSCIS Project (MSEP 38)

Master of Arts (Entrepreneurship)

MAER Project (MERP-001/002)

Master of Science (Environmental Science)

MSCENV Project (MEVP 11)

Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies)

MAGD Project (MGSP 1/2)

Master of Arts (Women’s and Gender Studies)

MAWGS Project (MWGP 1)

Master of Social Work

MSW Project (MSWP 1)

Master of Science (Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science)

MSC (MACS) Project (MMTP 1)

Master of Arts (Corporate Social Responsibility)

MACSR Project (MEDSP 51)

Master of Arts (Urban Studies)

MAUS Project (MEDSP 45)

Master of Arts (Folklore and Culture Studies)

MAFCS Project (MFCP 5)

Master of Arts (Drawing and Painting)

MADP Project (MVA 29)

Master of Science (Geography)

MSCGG (Project MGGP 001)

Master of Science (Applied Statistics)

MSCAST Project (MSTP 011)

Master of Arts (Sustainability Science)

MASS Project (MSDP 18)

Master of Arts (Adult Education)

MAAE Project (MAEP 1)

Master of Arts (Development Studies)

MADVS Project (MDVP 117)

Master of Arts  (Women’s and Gender Studies)

MAWGSR Project (MWGP 101)

Master of Science (Renewable Energy and Environment)

MSCRWEE Project (MRWP-002)

Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies)

MGPS Project (MGPE 17)

Master of Arts (Migration and Diaspora)

MAMIDI Project (MDIP 1)

Master of Science (Geoinformatics)

MSCGI Project (MGYP 031)

IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate Project

Programme Code (Course code)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Development

PGDRD Project (RDD-5)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Development

PGDRD Project (MRDP 205)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration

PGDEMA Project (MESP-49)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation

PGDT Project (MTTP-006)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking

PGDLAN Project (MLIP-8)

PG Diploma in Disaster Management

PGDDM Project (MPAP-1)

Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education

PGDHE Project (MESP-105)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management

PGDFSQM Project (MVPP-1)

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security

PGDIS Project (MSEP-28)

PG  Diploma In Environmental And Occupational Health

PGDEOH Project (MEVP-1)

Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice

PGDCJ Project (MLEP-17)

PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management


PG Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility

PGDCSR Project (MEDSP-51)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Technology

PGDET Project (MESP-135)

PG Diploma in Sustainability Science

PGDSS Project (MSDP-18)

PG Diploma in Urban Planning and Development

PGDUPDL Project (MEDSP-45)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies

PGDFCS Project (MFCI-5)

PG Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies

PGDWGS Project (MWGP-1)

Post Graduate Certificate in Industrial Safety

PGCINDS Project (MISP-21)

Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication

PGDDC Project (MDCP-007)

Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media

PGDIDM Project (MNMP-11)

Post-Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice

PGCPP Project (MIRP-1)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing

PGDBP Project (MBPP-1)

Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness

PGDAB Project (MAMP-58)

Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety

PGDINDS Project (MISP-21)

PG Diploma in Advertising and Integrated Communication

PGDAIC Project (MNMP-021)

PG Certificate in Inventory Planning and Warehousing Systems for Engineers

PGCIPWS Project (MWRP-1)

Post Graduate Diploma in Migration and Diaspora

PGDMIDI Project (MDIP-1)

PG Diploma in Early Childhood and Foundational Stage Education

PGDECFE Project (MCDP 001/002)

IGNOU Diploma Project

Programme Code (Course code)

Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

DNHE Project (DNHE-4)

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education

DECE Project (DECE-4)

Diploma in Panchayat Level Administration & Development

DPLAD Project (BPAP 4)

Diploma in Tourism Studies

DTS Project (PTS-06)

Diploma in Watershed Management

DWM Project (BNRP-108)

Diploma in Paralegal Practice

DIPP Project (BLEP-1)

Diploma in Smart City Development and Management

DSCDM Project (MIOP-1)

Diploma in Aquaculture

DAQ Project (BAQP-1)

IGNOU Certificate Project

 Programme Code (Course code)

Certificate in Consumer Protection

CCP Project (CPIP-104)

Certificate in Environmental Studies

CES Project (PES-1)

Certificate in Anti Human Trafficking

CAHT Project (BLEP-34)

Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management

CPSCM Project (BGPP-1)

Certificate in Solid Waste Treatment Techniques

CSWATT Project (BWAP-1)

Certificate in Energy Technology and Management

CETM Project (OEYP-4)

Certificate in Health Care Waste Management

CHCWM Project (BHMP-101)

Certificate in International Humanitarian Law

CIHL Project (BLEP-38)





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