6 Basics Guidelines for Submitting an IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

IGNOU MBA Project (MMPP-1) Course is one of the most essential subject in overall MBA courses. IGNOU MBA Project (MMPP-1) work carries 8 credits (equivalent to two courses) and the Project Course (MMPP-001) is classified as a single course for registration reasons. No further study materials are supplied for this Project Course (MMPP-001).

This Project Course (MMPP-001) is designed to assist students acquire the capacity to utilise multidisciplinary ideas, tools, and methodologies in order to analyse and rationally address organisational challenges. Students are also exposed to industrial settings and the organisational environment in this subject. The IGNOU MBA Project study should focus on a subject from your MBA specialisation, if possible.

To continue with your project course (MMPP-1), the approval of the IGNOU MBA Synopsis/Proposal is required. Only upon acceptance of the IGNOU MBA Synopsis/Proposal, student could submit the IGNOU MBA Project Report work. The review and ultimate approval of the synopsis are described in detail below:

1. Choose the project topics for IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

The student can choose any topic he or she wants, but it should be related to his or her field of study. The title should be clear and say important things about the thesis. It should let people know what the project is about. The project work can be either

  • A comprehensive case study (covering single organization/multifunctional area problem formulation, analysis, and recommendations),
  • An inter-organizational study aimed at inter-organizational comparison/validation of theory/survey of management practises, or
  • A field study (empirical study).

2. Choose the Supervisor/Guide for IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

Once you know what field the work will be done in, you can contact a person who has experience in that field and is interested in guiding, as long as he or she meets the requirements.

Eligibility Criteria of Supervisor/Guide for IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis  

  • He should be elected by the Management Faculty at Headquarters (Maidan Garhi, New Delhi), which is a component of the School of Management Studies.
  • A teacher in management or a counsellor of management course with at least five years of postgraduate teaching experience; or a professional with a master’s degree in management or an associated subject and at least five years of experience working in the relevant field. [In exceptional circumstances, a guide with a Bachelor of Education degree and five years of applicable teaching or professional experience may also be considered.]

3. Writing an IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

After choosing the guide and deciding on the topic, the IGNOU MBA Proposal (Synopsis) should be made with the guide’s help. The main parts of the proposal for the proposed project should be:

Introduction: A short history of the subject being studied.

Rationale: The reason why a certain topic was chosen for the project.

Objectives: The most important part of any project is this. It should say clearly and in detail what you hope to learn or accomplish by the end of the study. These can be stated clearly in terms of how people act. The goals need to be stated in a neutral way, without making any assumptions about what the research will find.

Methodology of Research

  • Research Design
  • How and where the information will be gathered.
  • Sample and sampling technique. Why the chosen organisation and sample were chosen.
  • Tools and methods to be used to collect data, including details about the tools/questionnaires to be used and how they fit in with the project’s goals.
  • Method(s) to be used to gather data.

Handling and analysing data: Putting data in order and figuring out what it means. Tools for analysing data that are based on statistics. How well the statistical tools fit with the project’s goals.

4. Submission of IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

The evaluation takes place once the synopsis has been completed and then submitted to the university. After about two or three months have passed since the proposal was sent, the student will be sent a letter informing them of the status of the project proposal and guidance.

5. Resubmission of IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

In the event that the student’s proposal is rejected, the student will be informed of what went wrong and how it might have been improved. In this scenario, the amended project proposal has to be delivered together with a copy of the proposal that was turned down as well as a new proforma for the project proposal.

6. Key Notes for IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis

  • Don’t send more than one hard copy of the Project Proposal; instead, keep a copy for yourself.
  • The word “MS-100” must be printed in a clear and readable font on the envelope, and it must be sent to The Coordinator (Projects) at the School of Management Studies at IGNOU, which is located at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.
  • Make sure to include the following things in the Project Proposal:
  • A Proforma for Approval of Project Proposal that both the student and the guide have filled out, signed, and dated.
  • A detailed summary of the Guide’s life, which must be signed by the Guide in question. (The Guide’s biodata must have all of the things that are talked about in paragraph 3.)
  • The Project Proposal needs to have all of the parts we talked about in the last paragraph (paragraph 3).

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis Report (MMPP-1) by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

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