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The IGNOU BTS Project involves a lot of IGNOU students who involves in lot of different areas, such as tourism growth, marketing, hotel management, and tourism administration. Some of the things that the IGNOU BTS Project covers are resort development, food service management, ecology, the environment, tourism, communicating across cultures, and more. They have to give an IGNOU BTS Project and Synopsis in their first and second years of study. In today’s world, where tourism is the main source of economic growth in every country, the study is very useful and important.

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Why the IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Report Is Important for Future Research?

IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis Reports are very important because they give students the much-needed hands-on experience that not only helps them with their college practicals but also helps them understand the concepts they have learned in a real-world setting. It may be necessary to have project themes when doing only practical study. There may also be a need for theoretical study projects that give important information and new perspectives on the given subject. Picking the right topic also sheds light on how to carry out the future action plan, and taking action is more important than thinking clearly.

How to write an IGNOU BTS Synopsis?

A synopsis is a plan that needs to be planned out in order to reach the project’s goals. Designers use plans to get the job ready before they start building. A synopsis is a long document that includes many parts of the report, like an introduction that explains the subject and why it’s important, the development of hypothesis(es) (if needed), and a list of sources.

All of the project’s wants must be in the synopsis. There needs to be a process made that works. Let’s look at the different kinds of IGNOU BTS synopsis specs. The following rules are in effect:


      • Title

      • Introduction

      • Rationale

      • Objectives

      • Hypothesis

      • Research Methodology

      • Method of Data Analysis

      • Delimitations

      • References (APA Format)

    How to submit IGNOU BTS Proposal/Synopsis?

    You must send your IGNOU BTS Proposal to your study/regional center for further review after you’ve worked on it with the help of your guide/supervisor. After that, the Study Center will send the papers by email to the Program Coordinator for Tourism Studies at IGNOU in New Delhi.

    The teachers will look over the IGNOU BTS Synopsis. We will give ideas when they are needed. You need to resend the summary after making the necessary changes. Before the due date, send in your summary or plan.

    You will receive feedback and ideas for how to improve the plan summary if it is turned down. In this case, the updated project summary needs to come with both a new project summary permission form and the old project summary approval form. The old form needs to include the faculty’s comments and ideas. We will give the updated synopsis along with the first rough draft.

    How to write an IGNOU BTS Project Report?

    You can start writing now that you have all of your facts together and have thought about them. Obviously, you should write down your main points first, then make a rough outline of your story, and finally write (or type) your report. You can write in either English or Hindi.

    There may be facts in your story as well as your own thoughts, views, or observations. You can include any papers or other materials that you think will help or emphasize your main point in your IGNOU BTS Project Report. If you used a questionnaire to get information for your project, you can also send in a copy of the questionnaire. How you use pictures, graphs, and diagrams will depend on a lot of things, like what your topic is.

    The two most important parts of your project are originality and clarity. Remember that your project is a test of how well you can think critically and communicate. Report writing is more than just putting your ideas in order and telling a story. It also tests how well you can order your thoughts. Because of this, remember these things as you write your IGNOU BTS Project Report:

    When writing the IGNOU BTS Project Report, things to keep in mind


        • You should separate and section your report. This helps your writing flow together and stops new thoughts from getting into other parts.

        • A report that is well organized is easy to understand. Because of this, goals and aims should be made very clear, even if some of them are repeated.

        • Writing an opening is important because it sets the clear beginning point for the report. In the same way, a conclusion helps you finish your report and tie up any lost ends.

        • Your report shouldn’t be made up of separate parts; it should read like a well-organized whole. You could also split your report into sections and subsections, but make sure they don’t look like separate pieces. They need to be linked and added to your report.

        • All of your points should be linked and summed up at the end of each part and again at the end of the paper. At the same time, it’s important to keep the clear connections between the different parts.

        • Use simple words and short lines as much as possible when writing in your own language. People usually don’t pay attention to the content of a report that is written in a language that is hard to understand. Think of your words as a powerful tool for getting your point across. How well your project turns out will depend on how good your methods and ideas are.

        • You should cite your sources, but you should never copy other people’s work from books, papers, or other sources.

        • The reference has to be relevant, and the author’s words have to be used.

        • At the end of the quote, you must give the author’s name, the title of the book, the year and place of release, and the page numbers.

        • If you quote from a newspaper, magazine, or journal, you need to give the title of the publication, the issue number, and the month and year that it came out.

        • Long quotes shouldn’t be used at all. You can use short quotes to make a point stronger and also incorporate them into your work. You can use a quote that is between 50 and 100 words long.

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      Where to Submit the IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis and Report?

      You must send the original IGNOU BTS Project Synopsis and Project to The Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068, along with a bound copy.

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