Process of Completing an IGNOU MADE Project work

After completing all of your coursework for the Master of Arts in Distance Education, an IGNOU MADE Project work at this point should be a welcome challenge. You also have a good understanding of how to do research, how to make resources for distance learning, and how to train for distance education. The objective of the IGNOU MADE Project work is to familiarise you with the facts and practises of the remote education system, as well as its particular issues, demands, and inherent opportunities. As a learner in the open and distance learning system, you will also have the chance to critically examine any specific issue or difficulty you may have encountered or are presently facing.

Objectives of doing an IGNOU MADE Project work

The primary objectives of doing an IGNOU MADE Project work are to: develop research skills, training skills, and learning material creation; Identify solutions for local issues using the “scientific method” of study, and educate the public about the project’s findings.

Project work may be executed in any of the three streams. They are

  1. Research,
  2. Education, and
  3. Content Creation

The following are the particular goals for each stream:

  • Identify and frame research questions; conduct scientific study in a methodical manner; collect and analyse data; Employ relevant tools, techniques, procedures, and statistics; and Produce high-quality research reports.
  • Training Identify the training requirements for distance education personnel; Create training plans; conduct training sessions; evaluate training sessions and programmes; and Report the results and effects of training programmes.
  • Material Development Identify acceptable learning materials for a remote learning environment; Prepare a blueprint or instructional design; create audio/video/multimedia/educational website(s); and Evaluate the resulting output.

Writing an IGNOU MADE Project Proposal

Having selected the topic of your IGNOU MADE Project Proposal, you must develop and submit to stride a 500-word project proposal for approval. The proposal should include: an introduction to the selected subject; a statement of objectives (e.g., what you want to accomplish via the project); and (if applicable) the hypothesis on which you would base your research.

  • The research approach that will be employed to perform the investigation as well as the ways through which you intend to acquire research evidence
  • If the research requires fieldwork, it is essential that the demographics and sample size be included in your application.
  • Distance education ramifications of your planned proposal Based on the examination of the data you gather, your hypothesis may subsequently be confirmed or altered. Additionally, your hypothesis might take the form of a research question.
  • Restrict your study objectives to four or fewer. Given the current scope of the project and the available time, it will be difficult to meet a significant number of goals.
  • Include in your research approach how you want to perform the investigation. In addition, the tools and methods you will use to gather data
  • During the beginning phase of your project, you should not be too concerned about its consequences. However, you must define in broad terms the goal of your endeavour. When the project is done, implications and conclusions will be given in a more clear and direct way.

The Developing Process of an IGNOU MADE Project Proposal

Prepare a proposal/synopsis for the training once you have picked the training area. The proposal/synopsis should contain questions such as, “Why did you choose this specific training area?” Why is this training necessary? How would the institution benefit from this? What advantage will the participants get from the training?

The proposal/synopsis should include:

  1. Introduction to the topic of training
  2. A description of objectives (e.g., what you want to accomplish via the training)
  3. An assessment of training requirements (preliminary plan)
  4. A training design that outlines the sessions, length, and resource individuals (the preliminary plan).
  5. Evaluation strategy
  6. implications of the training you offer for your institution

Elements of the IGNOU MADE Project Report (Research Stream)

If you choose the research stream for IGNOU MADE Project work, the following chapters should be included in your report:

  • an introduction to the background of the research, its justification, and the relevance of the issue to distance education;
  • The aims of the investigation and the expected conclusion of the study;
  • A review of previous research on the subject and its findings, etc.
  • proposed method of research, including
  • Design,
  • Sample size,
  • Instruments/techniques, and
  • processing and analysis of data;
  • Analyses of the obtained data and their conclusions;
  • A concise, straightforward summary of the research and the insights gathered via the study, as well as how it may aid in comprehending the idea and supporting distant education in general.
  • Bibliography, references, and appendices: books, journals, magazines, etc. consulted while preparing the report should be included in alphabetical order, together with any pertinent supporting materials such as graphs, photos, and questionnaires. Ensure that you use just one style of reference when composing the project report’s references.

The research project report should contain the following appendices:

  • Cover page: it should contain the title of the study, your enrolment number, name, supervisor’s name, etc.
  • Certificate of Originality: The certificate should be authenticated by the assigned supervisor.
  • Contents: There should be an index with chapter-wise contents, titles, and their respective page numbers.
  • Abbreviations: There should be a list of abbreviations used in the project report.
  • Questionnaires are used for collecting data.
  • A copy of the approved project proposal should be attached. Without the approved project proposal attached to your report, the report will not be considered for evaluation.

Submission of the IGNOU MADE Project Report

You are permitted to create three copies of your project report. You may retain one copy while submitting the remaining two to the Student Evaluation Division (SED). The project should be properly bound so that no pages are loose. Although you may submit your project proposal and project report at any time of the year, we recommend that you adhere to a timetable to make the most of the time you have available.

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Sample Project Download

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