Necessary Guidance for IGNOU MEC Project Work

The IGNOU MEC Project is an independent investigation and your own work. The goal of the IGNOU MEC Project Workshop is to help you analyse circumstances, and through the Project, you will be expected to use everything you’ve learned in your M.A. Economics Program classes. It’s a way to apply what you’ve learned in all your classes to the problems and issues that come up every day in the economy.

IGNOU MEC Project Work is worth six credits, and you are required to devote around 180 hours to its completion. We would prefer that you type and bind your IGNOU MEC Project Report during submission. Your IGNOU MEC Project Work may range in length from 8,000 to 10,000 words (50-60 pages). Consider this before selecting the project’s topic. The concept is that you should be able to say anything you want within this word count. You are allowed to compose your project in either English or Hindi.

Supervision Guidance for the IGNOU MEC Project Work

Your project will be supervised by an Indira Gandhi National Open University-approved advisor. All counsellors are acknowledged as project work supervisors. A list of supervisors is accessible from the Study Center Coordinator. Once you have chosen a broad field for study, please contact your coordinator, who will assign you a supervisor relevant to your area of study. You must prepare an IGNOU MEC Synopsis/Proposal with the assistance of your supervisor or academic advisor, who is accessible at your study centre.

The supervisor will:

  • introduce you to local organisations and agencies that may be relevant to your work;
  • give you letters of authorization to conduct inquiries and investigations in various offices related to your work;  

How to collect data for the IGNOU MEC Project Work

If the data collected from secondary surveys is unavailable or insufficient, you may need to collect the primary surveys. Before beginning data collection, review the requirements you’ve outlined for primary data with your supervisor. Specify what you require and for what purposes. Then, determine the optimal data collection method. The source of the data is useful for determining the technique of data collection.

To ensure data reliability in project work, you must explain or justify the following:

  • The design of questionnaires and the appropriateness of data collection techniques
  • Fieldwork techniques;
  • Process followed for field supervision and recording; and
  • Data verification and quality control

How to organize the IGNOU MEC Project Report

There are following basic sections to organize your IGNOU MEC Project Report work;

  1. The first page of the project report is the cover page that include the title of the project, your name, address, year, and enrollment number.
  1. The second page should outline the report’s contents, followed by a list of tables, maps, and figures or illustrations on the third page.
  2. The fourth page is reserved for expressing gratitude.
  3. The fifth page should provide an alphabetized list of acronyms.
  4. Beginning on page 6th, you must provide an introduction to your project and its approach, including the justification for choosing the project theme, objectives, research, and methodology, as well as a description of the techniques or methods used for data collection and analysis, study limits, and so on. This will be the opening section of the project report.
  5. Beginning with the second chapter, the major body of the project will be presented.
  6. In the last chapter, you will talk about what you found and make any suggestions that make sense.

Criteria to Write an IGNOU MEC Synopsis/Proposal

You should include the following in the IGNOU MEC Project Synopsis/Proposal:

  • The title of the project is Goals of the research include
  • The following issues or questions should be raised:
  • The type of data that will be necessary is
  • If applicable, developed hypothesis, research methodology, and expected outcome.

You should select a topic that you enjoy and that will maintain your attention. It is crucial that you have a thorough understanding of the geographic region you intend to use as the basis for your project. It should be conveniently accessible. The project’s objectives should be spelled out in a manner that allows them to be attained. Two to four objectives may be established. The methodology should outline the logic of inquiry, the precise data to be acquired, the technique of data collection, and the statistical, econometrical, and qualitative instruments to be used in data analysis. The project proposal’s questions or issues, stated objectives, formed hypothesis, if any, and methods must be consistent. There may be between two and four pages in the project proposal.

Evaluation Criteria of the IGNOU MEC Project work

Once your IGNOU MEC Project Report is received, it will be forwarded to an assessor. To pass this course, you need to get at least a 40% on your project work. Please be aware that the review of your project will take at least two months from the time it is submitted.

You should make two copies of your project (MECP-101), but only send one to the address below.

  • Registrar, Indira Gandhi National Open University, SR&E Division, Block 12, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068

Because they won’t be returning your project work, we recommend that you retain a duplicate for yourself. Include a signed copy of the declaration found in Annexure “C” to your project work. Please keep in mind that the IGNOU MEC Project Work is a component of your final exam and that the Project Report will be worth a total of 100 points, to be allocated as follows:

Distribution of one hundred points for the project work report weight

  1. Clarity of the subject: 10%
  2. Language, consistency, style, etc.: 20%,
  3. Objectives and methods are clear. 2%
  4. Analysis and interpretation 25% of the total
  5. Conclusions 10%
  6. References 10%


  • All project work must be unique and written in the local language.
  • You may not replicate or reproduce any public or unpublished project, or it will be cancelled.
  • Arguments must be supported by data, reports, or published material.
  • Information should be cited correctly, and you should explain how you did your research in the first chapter. At the end, you should include a bibliography.
  • All of your sources, such as records, documents, reports, interviews, group meetings, newspapers, magazines, etc., should be put under different headings.

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You can also download the sample project for the IGNOU MEC Project Synopsis Report (MECP-101) by clicking on the link below.

Sample Project Download

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