Note these things before submitting your IGNOU Assignment.

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How to download IGNOU Assignment?

Before you can start writing the assignment, you need to have the correct and most up-to-date assignment paper for your topic. Go to and look for “Student Zone” or “Downloads” under “Student Support.” This is where you can get the homework PDF. Find the “assignment” section. There you can look up your subject codes and get a free PDF copy of your task. You should download a copy of your work to make sure it is from the most recent session and to compare it to the steps we just went over.

Once you have the PDF of your IGNOU assignment, read it carefully and pay close attention to the steps and instructions that IGNOU gives you. Then, start writing your assignment by looking for answers in your IGNOU study materials. For some reason, this could take a long time. 

Things you should keep in mind before writing your IGNOU Assignment:

If you decide to buy a Soft-Copy (PDF) or Hard-copy from us and opt to write your IGNOU assignment independently, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the principles and rules that must be adhered to in order to achieve high grades in your IGNOU assignments. Follow the guide provided below on How to write an IGNOU assignment.

  • Utilize exclusively a black pen for composing queries and other significant headings, while employing a blue ink for generating answers.
  • Responses must meet or exceed the specified word limit. Avoid providing concise responses.
  • Ensure that your writing is organized and structured by avoiding long paragraphs. Break up your text into smaller, more manageable sections. This will make it easier for readers to follow and understand. Additionally, remember to include a left margin to enhance readability.
  • The A4 ruled sheets are double-sided, allowing you to write on both sides.
  • Avoid using insufficient spacing before or after a paragraph.
  • Ensure that you finish your project no later than 10-15 days before to the deadline for submission.

Process of IGNOU assignment submission:

Offline Submission: In order to submit your assignments offline, it is necessary for you to physically visit your study center. Verify the location of your study center as indicated on your identification card. Prior to the respective submission deadlines, which are March 30th for the June session and November 30th for the December session (with the possibility of further extension), you may visit your study center directly.
If your study centre is located a considerable distance from your residence or if you are unable to personally deliver your assignments, you have the option to send them via courier to your study centre, provided they permit this method of submission.

Online Submission: To submit your IGNOU assignment online, you must adhere to the following steps if your study center offers online submission:

  • Access the official website of your regional center for IGNOU.
  • Go to the News & Announcements section.
  • Now, click on the link for the submission of the assignment.
  • To ensure the proper submission of your assignment, please adhere to the provided instructions.

Note that:

  • Exclusively handwritten assignments will be accepted.
  • Please ensure that you include a cover sheet and the corresponding question paper with each assignment.
  • Please refrain from inserting stapled sheets into any file. Only submit sheets that are secured with a thread.
  • The size of the PDF for your assignment must not exceed 100 mb.
  • Do not apply any password or access restrictions to the PDF.
  • Modify the name of the PDF file according to the assignment code and enrolment number, adhering to the standards set by the regional centre.
  • If you are submitting your work offline, make sure to obtain a receipt of submission.
  • Ensure that you have a duplicate of your assignment either in the form of a photocopy or a PDF file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about IGNOU assignments:

What are IGNOU assignments?

IGNOU assignments are coursework tasks given to students as part of their academic curriculum. They are mandatory and contribute to the final evaluation of the student’s performance.


Where can I find my IGNOU assignment questions?

Assignment questions are available on the official IGNOU website under the ‘Student Zone’ section, specifically in the ‘Assignments’ section.


Are IGNOU assignments compulsory?

Yes, submitting assignments is compulsory for all students to be eligible for term-end examinations.


What is the format for writing IGNOU assignments?

Assignments should be written in A4 size paper, handwritten (unless specified otherwise), and should include a cover page with relevant details such as name, enrollment number, course code, etc.


When are IGNOU assignments due?

Due dates vary by semester and course. Generally, assignments for the January session are due by March 31st, and for the July session, they are due by September 30th.


Can I submit IGNOU assignments online?

Some regional centers and specific courses allow online submission. Check with your regional center for the exact procedure.


What happens if I miss the assignment submission deadline?

If you miss the deadline, you may not be allowed to sit for the term-end examination of that course. It’s essential to submit assignments on time.


How do I know if my assignment has been accepted?

After submission, you may receive a receipt or acknowledgment. You can also check the status with your study center or regional center.


Where do I submit my IGNOU assignments?

Assignments are usually submitted to the designated study center or regional center assigned to you.


Can I re-submit my IGNOU assignment?

Re-submission policies may vary. If your assignment is not accepted or you fail, you might have to re-submit it in the next session.


What is the passing mark for IGNOU assignments?

Typically, students need to score at least 40% in their assignments to pass.


How are IGNOU assignments graded?

Assignments are graded by tutors or evaluators at the study centers. The grades are then sent to the university for recording.


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