How to create an IGNOU MAPC Project?

Are you currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology at IGNOU and preparing for your MPCE-16, MPCE-26, or MPCE-36 project? Here, you can learn how to create an IGNOU MAPC project. We acknowledge that it may be rather daunting, but there is no need to be concerned! Our website is filled with a plethora of information and guidance to assist you in creating an exceptional project. Now, let’s explore the essence of these projects, their potential to enhance your learning, and the methods through which we may assist you in excelling. If you are enthusiastic about advancing your psychology studies, please contact us at 9354637830.

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Analyzing the IGNOU MAPC Project (MPCE-16/26/36)

The significance of these projects is paramount. The MAPC projects (MPCE-16, MPCE-26, or MPCE-36) serve as more than mere Projects; they provide an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in your psychology courses. These projects allow you to investigate genuine psychological problems, devise approaches to tackle them, and evaluate the results. Seize this opportunity to assume the role of a psychologist and make a significant contribution to the profession.

Comprehending the Projects:

  • MPCE-16: This project falls within the field of Clinical Psychology. It may entail examining workplace practices, employee welfare, organizational culture, and other related factors.
  • MPCE-26: This project is categorized within the field of Counseling Psychology. Possible components may include case studies, therapeutic techniques, mental health evaluations, and interventions.
  • MPCE-36: This project focuses on the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Projects conducted in this setting may center around counseling methodologies, the interplay between clients and therapists, and diverse counseling situations.

Comprehensive Guide to Completing Your MAPC Project from Synopsis Preparation to Project Dissertation Submission and Viva

  • Completely Review the Project Handbook: Familiarize yourself with the guidelines, directions, and requirements specified in the handbook. This will provide you with a comprehensive comprehension of the project requirements.
  • Select an interest area for the specialization course (MPCE-016/26/36): Explore the different specialized courses offered and choose an area that aligns with your academic and career goals.
  • Guide Selection: Choose a mentor who has extensive knowledge and experience to offer you helpful assistance and support throughout your project dissertation journey. Seek advice and engage in discussions with faculty members to ensure a well-informed decision.
  • Consultation with the guide and determination of the topic: Participate in thorough and comprehensive talks with your guide to generate ideas for potential themes for your project. Consider their specialized knowledge and your specific field of interest in order to select a dissertation topic that is both pertinent and captivating.
  • Synopsis Preparation Adhering to the prescribed format outlined in the handbook: Create a thorough summary by following the prescribed structure outlined in the guidebook. Pay close attention to specific elements of your research, such as the introduction, objectives, methods, and anticipated results.
  • Submission of Synopsis at the Regional Centre:  Submit your summary to the Regional Centre assigned for assessment and authorization. Make sure to adhere to the submission deadline and include all the necessary papers as indicated.
  • Commence the process of gathering data: Approval of the post synopsis: Upon obtaining clearance for your summary, you may commence the process of collecting data for your project. Adhere to the ethical rules and principles of research integrity when conducting your data collection operations.
  • Compliance with Ethical Guidelines: While collecting data, it is important to acquire informed consent from participants, ensure confidentiality, and carefully manage sensitive data. Adhering to ethical issues is crucial in order to maintain the integrity and credibility of your research.
  • Data Analysis: Once the required data has been gathered, proceed to evaluate it using appropriate statistical or qualitative analysis methods. Analyze the results with precision and derive significant inferences from your discoveries.
  • Composition of Project Dissertation: Adhering to the prescribed format outlined in the handbook: Construct your project dissertation in accordance with the prescribed format outlined in the handbook. Ensure that your document contains the following sections: introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Maintain a coherent sequence of ideas and include relevant sources and references.
  • Ensuring Compliance with Ethical Standards during the process of writing the dissertation: When writing your dissertation, it is important to appropriately acknowledge the work of others by include citations and references. Avoid plagiarism and maintain ethical writing methods throughout the document.
  • Completing the TEE Form and Submitting Payment for the Project’s Exam Fees: To register for the project assessment, complete the relevant forms, including the Term-End Examination (TEE) form, and submit the necessary exam costs. Ensure diligent monitoring of the dates and submission protocols stipulated by your university.
  • Oral examination at the Regional Centre: Get ready for your viva voce, which is an oral examination held at the Regional Centre. Ensure that you are ready to justify and support your study, respond to inquiries from the evaluation committee, and demonstrate your comprehension of the topic.
  • Project Dissertation submission at the Regional Centre: Kindly deliver the ultimate iteration of your project dissertation to the assigned Regional Centre. Ensure strict compliance with all the formatting, printing, and binding prerequisites stipulated by your university.

Well done! By attentively following these stages, you will effectively navigate the process from Synopsis Preparation to Project Dissertation Submission and Viva. Ensure that you maintain a high level of organization, actively seek help when necessary, and allocate sufficient time and effort to each phase of your project. Wishing you the utmost success with your dissertation and viva voce examination!

IGNOU MAPC Project Topics for MPCE-16/26/36

Selecting an appropriate project topic is essential for achieving success in the IGNOU MAPC project. Here are a few possible areas to concentrate on:

  • The Effect Of School Environment, Home Environment And Study Habits On Academic Achievements Of Scheduled Caste Students Of Raipur Rani In District Panchkula, Haryana
  • Impact Of Parent Involvement On Self-Confidence And Academic Achievement Of Secondary School Students Of Raipur Rani In District Panchkula, Haryana
  • A Study About Cognitive Abilities Of Students Of Higher Education With Regard To Their Intelligence And Creativity In City Kollam, Kerala
  • Effect Of Counselling On The Academic Achievement And Study Habits Of Underachievers In District Amritsar
  • Study Of Role Commitment And Occupational Stress Among Secondary School Teachers
  • A Study Social Intelligence And Academic Achievement Of College Students
  • Stress On The Faculty Of B.Ed. Colleges In North East Delhi
  • Job Satisfaction Among University Employees Of The Ignou
  • Effectiveness Of Teaching Vedic Mathematics On Students’ Achievement
  • Academic Stress And Emotional Stability Among Obedient And Disobedient Students
  • Study Of Depression And Suicidal Ideation Of Young And Middle Adulthood Women
  • Occupational Stress, Job Burnout And Psychological Health Among Primary And High School Teachers
  • Examination Anxiety In Relation To Self Esteem And Resilience Among Students
  • Impact Of Social Media On Body Image, Self Esteem And Adjutment Level Of College Students
  • A Study On Family Climate On Mental Health Of Students
  • A Study Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression Among Nursing Students During Covid 19
  • Impact Of Internet Usage On Self-Esteem And Psychological Well-Being Of Adolescence
  • Peer Pressure As The Determinants Of Suicidal Ideation Among The Students Of Professional And Non- Professional Courses
  • A Correlational Study On Social Media Addiction, Self-Esteem And Academic Procrastination Among Adolescents
  • A Study Of Impact Of Media On Body Image And Eating Disorder Among Female College Students
  • To Study Adjustment Among Adolescents Of Working And Non- Working Mothers

Criteria for assessing your IGNOU MAPC Project Synopsis

  • Evaluation Framework: The synopsis shall be assessed according to the Format for Synopsis Evaluation (Appendix-II) specified in the Project Handbook.
  • Synopsis Sequence: Your synopsis should adhere to the following order: The structure of the study includes an introduction, a review of literature, the rationale for conducting the study, the methodology (which encompasses the research problem, objectives, hypotheses, operational definitions, sample, research design, tools, and data analysis techniques), and references.
  • Topic Selection: The chosen topic for the Master’s level course should be pertinent, precise, and not basic.
  • Research strategy: The study has the option to employ a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed strategy, but the choice must be supported by a rationale in the summary.
  • Primary Data Requirement: The research must largely rely on data, specifically including psychological constructs, preferably with two continuous variables. The focus should not be limited to elements such as determining prevalence, incidence, awareness, gender disparities, or test development and modification. The study should not rely on secondary data as its foundation.
  • Title: The title should be precise and accurately represent the significant variables in the investigation.
  • Literature Review: The literature review should encompass research pertaining to the factors examined in the study and should be presented in a narrative format, rather than using bullet points.
  • Study Technique: The technique must be in proper alignment with the study topic and objectives.
  • Objectives and Hypotheses: The aims and assumptions should be formulated in a suitable manner.
  • Sample Size: The sample size must be sufficient. Possible strategies for augmentation can be offered, while the actual magnitude may vary based on the study’s design and goals.
  • Tools for Data Collection: It is advisable to use standardized tools. When utilizing a self-created questionnaire, it is necessary to adhere to a standardization approach.
  • Data Analysis Techniques: It is necessary to specify the techniques used for data analysis.
  • Suggestions and Comments: Submit suggestions and comments for each component as specified in Appendix-II.
  • Categories for Evaluation: The evaluation can be classified into three categories: Approved, Approved with revisions, and Not approved. Each category represents distinct levels of endorsement and necessitates different amounts of alteration.
  • Contact information Inquiries: If you have any inquiries or comments regarding the evaluation of project synopses, please contact the Faculty at

By following these rules, you can ensure a thorough assessment of your summary, resulting in the successful fulfillment of your project dissertation.

Guidelines for submitting IGNOU MPCE-16/26/36 Project

  • Commencement of Project Dissertation: Once your project description has received approval, you are free to commence your project tasks.
  • Project Dissertation Submission: After finishing your project, deliver a duplicate of the project dissertation to the Regional Centre (RC). The submission deadlines are as follows:
    • The deadline for the July batch is May 31st.
    • The deadline for the January batch is November 30th.
  • Preparing for Dissertation Evaluation: The Research Committee (RC) shall forward your dissertation to the External Examiner, along with the Evaluation Scheme (Appendix XII), for the purpose of evaluation. The evaluation of the dissertation will be conducted by an external examiner selected from the approved list provided by the Discipline of Psychology at IGNOU, New Delhi. It is crucial that the External Examiner refrains from providing guidance to the learners they are evaluating the dissertation for.
  • Oral Examination (Final Exam): Upon obtaining the graded dissertation, the Research Committee (RC) will proceed to conduct your Viva-voce. The examination will be conducted by the same External Examiner who assessed the dissertation. The Viva-voce has been arranged as follows:
    • The July batch will take place from the 1st of July to the 14th of August.
    • The January batch will take place from the 1st of January to the 15th of February.
    • Dissertations submitted by May 31st will be eligible for consideration in the Term End Exam (TEE) scheduled between July 1st and August 14th. If the submission is made by November 30th, it will be eligible for consideration for the TEE between January 1st and February 15th.
  • Following the oral examination: The RC shall transmit the award forms to the Project Section, SED for the purpose of uploading marks. The project is graded out of 100 marks, and you must get a minimum of 40% to pass. If you do not achieve a minimum score of 40%, you will be deemed unsuccessful and will be required to choose a different subject, create a summary, carry out the research, and subsequently submit the dissertation.
  • Ensuring Proper Enclosures: The Research Coordinator will verify the inclusion of all necessary appendices and documents prior to submitting your dissertation for evaluation. In the event that any item is absent, you will receive notification.
  • Appendix XVI: The appendix labeled “XVI” contains the essential dates for the MAPC project description and dissertation, which are supplied for your convenience and reference.

Ensure meticulous adherence to these principles to guarantee a seamless and triumphant culmination of your IGNOU MPCE-16/26/36 Project.

Opting for our services for your IGNOU MPCE-16/26/36 project offers numerous advantages:

  • Professional Advice: The members of our team are highly skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge and understanding of the details of the IGNOU MPCE-16 project. Their profound expertise in psychology and acquaintance with IGNOU requirements will guarantee that your project adheres to the utmost academic excellence.
  • Topic Selection Assistance: Our proficient professionals will provide guidance in selecting a distinctive, captivating, and academically valuable topic for your paper. We own a collection of current subjects in psychology, allowing you to select one that matches your interests and academic goals for your project.
  • Research and Data Analysis Support: Our staff will provide comprehensive assistance in doing thorough research and precise data analysis. They possess the expertise to assist you in developing research inquiries, crafting surveys or experiments, and accurately implementing statistical methodologies for data analysis. By using their assistance, your research will uphold a commendable level of authenticity and trustworthiness.
  • Project Report Structuring: Our team of professionals will provide guidance in developing a meticulously organized and logically connected project report. This report will encompass essential elements, including an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion. They will guarantee that your report strictly conforms to IGNOU’s formatting and reference rules.
  • Prompt Support: We highly appreciate your time and recognize the significance of meeting deadlines in the academic realm. Hence, our services are specifically tailored to offer timely and unwavering assistance throughout the entirety of your project endeavor. We will offer support throughout the entire process, from the early planning phase to the final report writing, whenever it is needed.

Why you should get Experts Help for your IGNOU MAPC project?

  • Preventing Dependence on Untrustworthy Sources: Numerous students succumb to the temptation of utilizing insufficient or untrustworthy sources for their project study, resulting in subpar material and the risk of plagiarism. Our service guarantees the utilization of trustworthy and pertinent sources, so boosting the project’s integrity and comprehensiveness.
  • Achieveing Higher Score: To reduce the risk of receiving lower scores, it is important to seek professional help when developing projects. Without such guidance, projects often lack the required academic rigor and structure, which can result in lower marks. The proficiency of our team ensures the delivery of a project of superior quality that adheres to the requirements set by IGNOU, hence enhancing your likelihood of achieving higher grades.
  • Minimizing the Frequency of Project Rejection: Students often encounter the problem of having their project ideas rejected owing to different deficiencies. Our proficient crew comprehends IGNOU’s expectations and may greatly diminish the probability of rejection by customizing your product to fulfill precise needs.
  • Addressing Common Mistakes in Projects: Students frequently commit errors in their projects, such as subpar organization or insufficient analysis. Our team of specialists assists you in circumventing these potential problems, guaranteeing that your project is meticulously structured, extensively investigated, and logically robust.
  • Personalized Projects to Fulfill Your Requirements: Our first objective is to comprehend your distinct specifications and customize the project to align with your vision and adhere to IGNOU’s rules.
  • Comprehensive and Current Research: We perform meticulous research that integrates the most recent developments in food safety and quality management.
  • Punctual Delivery Guarantee: We acknowledge the significance of time constraints and assure you that we will complete your job within the specified timeframe.
  • Acceptance Assurance: Our exceptional work guarantees a high rate of acceptance for your project proposal.
  • Proficient Team at Your Disposal: Our team integrates academic expertise and practical experience to create a holistic proposal.
  • Competitive Pricing for High-Quality Services: Our pricing is cost-effective, ensuring that top-notch assistance is within reach for every student.
  • Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish: We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process, guaranteeing that each stage of your project is managed with utmost expertise.

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Our Commitment to You

  • Approval Guarantee: Our MAPC project proposal comes with a 100% approval guarantee, ensuring a high rate of approval.
  • Tailored Pricing for Individualized Requirements: We develop pricing strategies that align with your distinct needs for the MAPC project.

Reasons to Select Our Services for Your MAPC Project (MPCE-16/26/36)

  • Customized Support: Assistance specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of your project, in accordance with the principles of the MAPC program.
  • Professional Advice: Our team, well-versed in business administration, offers important knowledge and support.
  • Punctual Delivery: We will finish your project within the required timeline.
  • Assured Approval: We guarantee the acceptance of your project proposal, and offer free changes if needed.
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Begin your MAPC Project with assurance, understanding that you will receive extensive assistance at every stage of the process. Under our supervision, your project has the potential to become a noteworthy academic accomplishment and a meaningful addition to the subject of Commerce. Reach out to us immediately and allow us to transform your project concept into a remarkable academic achievement!

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