How to write IGNOU MBA Project for MS 100?

Hey there! Are you seeking assistance with your IGNOU MBA Project for the course MS-100? We are here to provide the assistance and specialized knowledge required to excel in this crucial aspect of your program. This tutorial guide for IGNOU MBA projects will provide comprehensive assistance at every stage of your project, starting from selecting a topic to completing your final report. Let us commence!

The IGNOU MBA project provides an opportunity to utilize academic knowledge in practical business situations. The item is composed of two components:

  • Project Synopsis: A succinct overview that presents the reasoning, goals, approach, and anticipated results of your selected subject.
  • Project Report: This is a comprehensive document that provides thorough information about a certain issue. It includes an analysis of relevant literature, presents any findings that have been discovered, and offers conclusions and recommendations based on the research conducted.

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IGNOU MBA Project Topics (MS-100)

IGNOU MBA HR Project Topics

Below is a revised compilation of IGNOU MBA HR Project Topics:

  • The impact of Human Resource Management on customer service in the banking industry
  • The study examines the effects of labor welfare measures on employee productivity.
  • The Effect of Training on Employee Performance and Productivity at a Chosen Hotel in Delhi
  • Recruitment and selection of employees at the Presidency
  • Performance evaluation methods in public and private sector banks
  • Designing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in Information Technology (IT) companies
  • Job satisfaction and occupational stress among employees in the information technology sector.
  • An exhaustive examination of the equilibrium between work and personal life
  • The influence of relationships within an organization on the overall effectiveness of the enterprise.
  • An investigation into the efficacy of performance evaluation among managerial staff in a banking institution
  • A study examining employee absenteeism at MRF Ltd.
  • An analysis of Bharti Airtel’s performance management
  • An investigation into the level of job satisfaction among employees of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.
  • An Overview of the Importance of a Training and Development Strategy
  • An extensive inquiry into the management of schools and the recruitment of educators
  • A comprehensive examination of the challenges and remedies related to the implementation of HRIS.
  • Perceptions of employees on the human resources practices and organizational culture of the company
  • The business climate has an impact on employee commitment and job happiness.
  • The scientific screening process of a recruitment consulting firm
  • An assessment of the efficacy of Hyundai Motors’ organizational culture
  • Employee satisfaction on the various welfare programs provided by ABC Industries
  • A study on the assessment of the performance of employees within the Company
  • A study examining the impact of organizational culture on employee behavior.
  • A study aimed at assessing the level of knowledge among corporate leaders on the pursuit of further education at prestigious business schools.
  • The Impact of an Incentive System on Employee Motivation
  • The significance of employee recognition within a rewards system cannot be overstated.

IGNOU MBA Finance Project Topics

Below is a revised compilation of IGNOU MBA Finance Project Topics:

  • Investor preferences about different investment opportunities are analyzed based on the financial performance of automobile companies.
  • Housing finance services provided by Bajaj Finserv Ltd.
  • Analysis of Investments in XYZ Company
  • An analysis of XYZ Company’s management of working capital
  • Financial planning for individuals with fixed incomes and measures to minimize tax liabilities.
  • An investigation into the expenses and financial evaluation methods employed by corporations. Enhancing knowledge about investing in financial assets and making informed decisions about choosing a financial intermediary for trading in shares.
  • An investigation into the perspectives of life insurance investors
  • The impact of earnings per share, dividend per share, and the price-earnings ratio on the volatility of share prices. NSE
  • An analysis of the performance of sector-specific, multi-sector, and equity-diversified mutual funds.
  • An investigation aimed at quantifying the perceptions of mutual fund investors.
  • An analysis of traditional items against cutting-edge UIL (User Interface and User Experience) products
  • An analysis of the expansion of the Indian Infrastructure Sector in relation to equity, as outlined in a study report.
  • An Analysis of XYZ Company’s Cash Management: A Detailed Examination
  • An Analysis of the Financial Aspects of Self-Help Groups An analysis of a non-banking financial company’s investment portfolio specifically designed for senior citizens.
  • The narrative of transformation in retail banking in India after liberalization.
  • An Analysis of the Risks and Opportunities Associated with Investment and Savings: A Case Study
  • Ratio analysis is a tool used for analyzing financial statements.
  • Methods for making investment decisions in the Indian banking system
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • An investigation to determine the feasibility of use taxation as a means to promote the sale of life insurance.
  • An analysis of diverse investing alternatives, with a specific emphasis on mutual funds.
  • Risk perception and portfolio management of equity investors

IGNOU MBA Marketing Project Topics

Below is a revised compilation of IGNOU MBA Marketing Project Topics:

  • A research conducted to gather and analyze data on customer relationship management.
  • A study aimed at distinguishing between sales management and sales leadership.
  • An investigation aimed at assessing the level of awareness among corporate executives regarding the pursuit of higher education.
  • An investigation into the expectations, encounters, and contentment of customers with two-wheeler exchange services.
  • An investigation to ascertain the level of market presence of Airtel pre-paid cards at retail establishments.
  • An investigation into the level of knowledge and acceptance among individuals who have taken out home loans regarding the Home Protection Policy (HPP).
  • An analysis of the factors that impact dealer performance with the aim of formulating a strategy to enhance Airtel’s market share.
  • An investigation of high-end credit card clients to ascertain their preferences and establish a consumer profile for upcoming promotional activities.
  • Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited conducted a poll on the perception of life insurance agency as an occupation.
  • Customer choice and satisfaction level with their expectations
  • Customer satisfaction regarding the financial services provided by DJS Stock & Shares Ltd.
  • An analysis of the laser toner market.
  • An investigation to evaluate the financial services provided by ICICI Bank for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers.
  • Management of the client experience for personal loans
  • Based on a study examining the market viability of selling international long distance services in large quantities, Airtel
  • An investigation into the perceptions of advertising among clients of house insurance at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • An Investigation of the Consumer Behavior of Women while Purchasing Mobile Phones
  • An investigation into the level of knowledge and anticipated outcomes of industrial organizations about Citi Financial’s mortgage programs.
  • An investigation to evaluate the banking services provided to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers.
  • An investigation into the opinions of current customers about ICICI Prudential Life Insurance’s tax-saving and ULIP products.

IGNOU MBA Banking & Finance Project Topics

Below is an up-to-date compilation of project topics for IGNOU MBA in Banking & Finance:

  • The Internet Banking System and the Impact of Technology on Indian Banks
  • An investigation to evaluate the financial services provided by public sector banks to rural customers.
  • An Overview of the Role of Information Technology in Import/Export Control Procedures and Policies in Banking
  • An overview of the insurance claim settlement process of an insurance company in relation to foreign exchange.
  • An evaluation of banks based on their level of service excellence
  • An analysis of the advancements in retail banking in India.
  • Examine the financial product marketing strategies employed by ICICI.
  • The operational procedures and operations of the Bank of India

IGNOU MBA Operations Project Topics

Below is an up-to-date compilation of project topics for IGNOU MBA Operations:

  • D-Mart in Xyz City manages logistics in the retail industry.
  • A Consumer Perception Study on Supply Chain Management Practices in Retailing
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a case study on the development of Total Quality Management in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Itc Hotels Limited operates on the concept of Operation Management to deliver services.
  • study on the effectiveness of production planning and quality control.

Keep in mind that these are just examples of some topics.

What is the importance of IGNOU MBA Project MS-100?

The IGNOU MBA Project MS-100 is an essential course for MBA students as it offers them practical experience in managing actual company difficulties. It helps students cultivate analytical and research skills, both of which are crucial in the contemporary business environment. The program also offers students practical experience in the functioning of different sectors and organizations.

How can one choose a topic for their IGNOU MBA Project MS-100?

Selecting an appropriate subject for IGNOU MBA Project MS-100 is crucial as it directly impacts the project’s efficacy. Here are some guidelines to take into account while choosing a topic:

  • Select a subject that you are passionate about and have some previous knowledge in.
  • Choose a subject matter that is pertinent to the specific field you aspire to be employed in.
  • Choose a subject that is appropriately focused, avoiding both excessive breadth and excessive narrowness. The level of specificity should be sufficient to facilitate thorough research, yet not overly detailed to the point of exhausting available resources.
  • Choose a subject that is feasible given the limitations of time and money.

The process of completing the IGNOU MBA Project MS-100 involves several steps.

  • Selecting a subject: Choosing the appropriate subject matter is crucial for the project to be successful, as mentioned earlier.
  • Once you have chosen a topic, the next stage is to do a literature review. This involves conducting a thorough examination of existing literature on the topic and identifying gaps that your project can fill.
  • The subsequent phase involves determining the research methodology. This include the identification of data collection methods, sample size determination, and data processing protocols.
  • Data collection involves the acquisition of both primary and secondary data. Surveys, interviews, and observation are all techniques employed to collect primary data. Examples of secondary data sources are books, journals, and online resources.
  • Data analysis: After acquiring the data, it is necessary to perform statistical analysis on it.
  • Report writing: The ultimate stage involves generating a project report. The report should have an introduction, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, findings, and conclusions.

Tips for writing an MBA Project Report for IGNOU

Is it obligatory to compose IGNOU MBA Project Reports? You have reached the correct destination! This essay will provide you with seven straightforward recommendations on how to compose an exceptional IGNOU MBA Project Report.

By adhering to these principles, you may guarantee the creation of impeccable IGNOU MBA Project Reports.

1. How to Arrange Chapters in an Appropriate Manner

The IGNOU MBA Project is a continuous endeavor. If you want to ensure efficiency, it is crucial to execute the task correctly from the outset. Otherwise, you will expend a significant amount of time redoing the report, encountering errors, and so forth. The structure of your reports should be arranged in the following manner:

  • Ensure that the title page adheres to the prescribed structure from the start.
  • The introduction can be found on the subsequent page.
  • Subsequently, affix the certificates and a declaration.
  • If your project is centered around a corporation, it is imperative that you incorporate a certificate.
  • Please include a note expressing gratitude.
  • Subsequently, it is necessary to furnish a compilation of tables and figures.
  • Lastly, ensure to incorporate any abbreviations and operational terminology utilized in the report.

2. What elements should be included in your introduction?

The reader is influenced and compelled to persist in reading due to the introduction. What strategies might be employed to create a captivating and alluring IGNOU MBA Project? It is straightforward if you remember the following:

Initially, you will establish or articulate a statement regarding the situation. If you are reporting on behalf of a company, the corporate profile will be included. Next, elucidate study objectives by employing the KSA (knowledge, skills, and attitude) paradigm. It is imperative to provide a detailed explanation of the research methodology immediately following the objectives. Additionally, it is essential to address the limits of the project prior to ending the introduction.

3. When conducting a Literature Review, critically examine all relevant materials.

During the literature review, it is important to analyze theories, models, hypotheses, and concepts that provide support for the project. This is because a project report provides theoretical information that is utilized in evaluating challenges or problems encountered by organizations in real-world situations.

4. Incorporate all the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

In order to create a project report, it is essential to include all the data collected regarding the hurdles or challenges. Additionally, a thorough analysis of this information should be conducted after conducting a literature review. It is important to note that just factual information should be considered here, without making any additional assumptions or conclusions.

5. Compose a synopsis.

A multitude of students experience anxiety when tasked with composing a summary. Nevertheless, it is rather simple provided you possess the knowledge of how to accomplish it.

To effectively summarize the content, it is necessary to consolidate the information presented in the “findings” part and repurpose it in the summary section. That is the sole aspect of it.

6. Incorporate a Suitable Report Format

Please note that your IGNOU MBA Project Report should be printed on single-sided A4 paper with a 1.5 line spacing. The document must adhere to the MLA handbook format and be bound in paperback. Samples can be found in the library. Ensure that the project does not surpass a total of 150 pages.

The conclusions and suggestions should include the key findings and recommendations.

Once you have finished the report and provided suggestions for the offered difficulties or challenges, it is essential to incorporate references, such as articles, books, or other sources that were utilized in creating the report. If your research necessitates it, you may additionally incorporate an appendix section that contains the questionnaire employed in the study.

That is the entirety of it! By adhering to the aforementioned instructions, you may efficiently save a substantial quantity of time and exertion, enabling you to promptly finish your IGNOU MBA Project Reports. Our IGNOU MBA Project Report writing service exclusively employs top-tier academic writers.

Format for the Synopsis of an MBA Project at IGNOU

Here is the prescribed structure for composing an IGNOU MBA Project Synopsis.

Establishing the research subject

Prior to finalizing the subject of study and the title of the project, it is advisable for the researcher to engage in a discussion with his mentor. The research process commences by carefully choosing and clearly defining a research problem. It is imperative for the researcher to have a comprehensive understanding of the problem that arises within the company. He must have observed the indications of the situation. He must possess knowledge of its existence and acknowledge that it is causing disturbance or discontent in the workplace. A research problem is a challenge that a researcher faces within the framework of a theoretical or practical matter, and for which they aim to find a resolution.

The project title should accurately reflect the research challenge. Moreover, the project title must not include any ambiguous subjects. An individual with rudimentary knowledge of the subject matter should be capable of ascertaining the underlying concept of the project solely by perusing its title. The project title should neither be excessively concise (in order to showcase a comprehensive understanding) nor very vast (to encompass every aspect of the subject matter).


The researcher is required to present a concise synopsis of the topic matter in the introduction. The primary objective should be to enhance the reader’s comprehension of the matter. If the researcher is considering multiple facets of the problem, each one must be handled concisely. The objective should be to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the matter. The reader should be able to discern the researcher’s profound theoretical expertise in the subject matter and their capability to perform thorough investigations. The researcher should provide a comprehensive explanation of the problem and present the preferred remedy to him. Prior to directing the reader towards the specific difficulty, the researcher must furnish a comprehensive synopsis of the topic matter. A concise and introductory description of the problem or issue is required.

Relevance and Significance of the Research

The researcher is required to elucidate the importance of the topic matter within this particular domain. He believes that the subject’s importance should be succinctly conveyed. The relevance of every issue varies based on factors such as the region, firm, type of firm, product, and other relevant factors. This category will encompass and discuss all of these issues.

Objectives of the research

This section must clearly state the objectives of the study. At this moment, it should be adequate to have between five and seven targets. The researcher’s desired areas of learning for this project are same for both the questions “what portions of this project does the researcher want to learn about?” and “what aspects of this project does the researcher want to learn about?”. The objectives should specifically target the many challenges that he would encounter along the venture.


Hypotheses are valuable tools for conducting research. This assumption is crucial when conducting research on the issue. The term for this is a hypothesis, which is a supposition that has to be confirmed or refuted.

The hypothesis must encompass and account for all of the aims of the investigation. The researcher’s project endeavor seeks to validate or test the theory. Consequently, it can serve as a researcher’s guide. It might be interpreted as a statement of likelihood regarding a specific matter. The objective of the study is to authenticate and evaluate this data. In order to formulate a hypothesis, the researcher needs to develop a concise set of assumptions that encompass all of the study’s objectives.

The link between hypothesis and objective is inverse. The hypothesis must encompass or address all of the study’s objectives as a statement of assumption. A causal relationship exists between the hypothesis and chaptalization.

The various concerns highlighted by the hypothesis need to be organized into separate chapters. There should be a specific chapter or section that contains the statement stating the assumption, written in a capitalized format. A hypothesis can be either affirmative or negatory. Consequently, a hypothesis serves as both a declaration of the researcher’s objective and a proposition that may be scrutinized for its accuracy.

Study Design

The researcher is required to elucidate their methodology for conducting the study pertaining to this particular subject. He should include the following:

The researcher is required to provide a detailed explanation of the methodology used to determine the sample design and sample size. He is required to provide a rationale for his choice of sample size and design. Essentially, it is crucial to have a well-defined strategy for collecting the necessary data for the research project, including the methods of acquisition and the rationale behind selecting the specific sample size. Furthermore, the researcher must incorporate details pertaining to the selected sample and its size. He will need to provide a valid explanation for choosing that specific sample. In order to achieve statistical significance, it is necessary to have a sufficiently big sample size. He should strive to obtain as many responses as possible. Additionally, he should consider the methodology he would employ to generate prototype designs.

In order to conduct the research or project successfully, it is essential to employ a suitable sampling strategy. Due to the impossibility of providing examples for all of these approaches, a limited selection is shown for the sake of clarification.

Data collection sources

The researcher must clarify whether they will gather data from primary or secondary sources for their study. While it would be considerate of him to specify the names of the newspapers he is referring to, it is not essential at this stage.

Data processing methodology

In this area, the researcher is required to present a concise overview of the process of handling and analyzing data. The researcher is required to explicitly state the econometric or statistical methods and procedures they intend to employ. In summary, the researcher must clearly outline the steps he will take to arrive at his conclusion or test his hypothesis, along with the specific tools and procedures he will utilize.

Anticipated donation

The researcher must articulate the manner in which their undertaking will add to the progression of knowledge. What advantages will it offer to the organization in question? What will be the impact on the field of study? This section should include a comprehensive analysis of how the project will yield advantages or improvements to the industry, a client, or a specific business unit. Expected contribution, in essence, pertains to the societal benefit or financial gain that his endeavors may yield.


This is the organization of the chapters. The researcher proposes that the chapter’s study ideas for the investigation should be arranged in a chronological and logical manner. The researcher has full autonomy on the organization of the chapters.

Factors to contemplate prior to submitting an IGNOU MBA project MS-100

When submitting an IGNOU MBA project, there are several factors to take into account.

  • Prior to completing your MBA Project, it is imperative to verify that you have finished all mandatory coursework and have met the minimum attendance criteria.
  • Ensure that you create and submit your MBA Project Report in compliance with the parameters set by IGNOU. This encompasses the formatting, font size, spacing, and other technical attributes of the report.
  • Choose a subject for your project that is directly related to your MBA specialization. The topic should be original and not a repetition of a previous project report.
  • Perform thorough research and analysis on the chosen matter. To get data and information, utilize a combination of primary and secondary sources.
  • Examine the data gathered utilizing appropriate tools and procedures. This will facilitate your ability to arrive at pertinent conclusions and gain valuable insights.
  • Make sure that your project report is properly organized and includes all necessary elements, such as an introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis, results, conclusions, and suggestions.
  • Thoroughly scrutinize your report to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Ensure that your writing is unambiguous, succinct, and easily comprehensible.
  • Ensure that you hand in your MBA Project Report prior to the specified deadline set by IGNOU. Submissions that are turned in after the deadline may be rejected or incur a penalty.
  • Ensure that you are ready to justify and support your project report during the IGNOU viva voce examination. Ensure that you are adequately equipped and self-assured in your examination and evaluation.
  • Successfully completing an IGNOU MBA project requires diligent effort, unwavering commitment, and effective time management. Commencing early and strictly adhering to the IGNOU requirements is of utmost importance.

IGNOU MBA Project Report Submission

To submit your Project Report, adhere to the following guidelines:

For students pursuing a traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) program:

  • Create a single printed version of your Project Report.
  • Deliver the Project Report to the Registrar (SED), IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068.
  • After submitting, a Project Report Number (PR.No.) will be assigned. Please utilize this PR.No. for any communication with the Registrar (SED) concerning your Project Report.

For students pursuing an MBA degree online:

Project Reports from MBA (Online) students can be submitted using the LMS Portal.

Key Points:

  • Project Reports may be filed at any point during the year.
  • If you submit your Project Report between December 1st to May 31st, the outcome will be announced concurrently with the June Term-end Examinations.
  • If you submit your Project Report from 1st June to 30th November, the outcome will be announced concurrently with the December Term-end Examinations.

The MBA project summary functions as a proposal or blueprint for the final project in the Master of Business Administration degree provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). A preliminary document is created to define the study objectives, methodology, and the significance of the chosen issue. The summary is an essential element of the project procedure, since it necessitates clearance from IGNOU before commencing the real research and composition of your project report.

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